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More questions nobody asked…

What's with asking for a password for an email newsletter?

Listen, I’m not good with commitment but I want to give you a lot more than a newsletter one day. Those things, whatever they may be, will be accessed through the website and for that you’ll need to be able to log in. It’s just me thinking ahead and saving us both a bit of hassle for when that time comes.

Why do you want to know my experience level?

Because I’d like to be able to only tell you about the stuff I think may be relevant to you in the future… The email newsletter will be for everyone but I might in future make stuff that is more relevant to people at a certain level of experience. I don’t know. Maybe. Just me trying to think ahead again.

Why do you want to know where I live?

If I ever decide to do in-person events, it’ll help me decide where to do them. If you live somewhere obscure just put your nearest well known city.

What are you planning to write emails about?

Things that I learn, or things that happen to me where I think ‘oh that’ll be interesting for my wedding photography friends to know that happened to me and how I dealt with it’. Those sorts of things. Random but helpful and interesting.

Does pineapple belong on pizza?

Listen, I like a ham and pineapple pizza but this is a deeper philosophical debate about societal norms and cultural judgement and I’m just not ready for that yet.