It's helpful stuff by me (Adam) for wedding photographers. Everything I do here will either be free, for charity or to cover costs. I have ideas but I don't have a plan or roadmap, let's see how it goes together. Scroll down for more questions and answers.


I'm Adam Johnson and you may know me as ARJ Photography or you may not know me at all in which case I'm a friendly Manchester UK based wedding photographer who likes sharing my knowledge, help, advice and opinions on photography and business.


Questions nobody asked…

Is this just you trying to butter us up with free stuff, grow a mailing list then sell us a workshop?

No this isn’t a workshop and I have no plans to do any workshops in the future either. Everything I do here at superchARJ will either be free to all, or will be to raise money for charity. I won’t be aiming to make a personal profit from what I do here. Right now my plan is just to do a newsletter and work on some other ideas in the background.


You’re cynical aren’t you? No, I have no presets for sale, and no Patreon. I’m going to start by writing a regular newsletter with helpful thoughts and advice and work on some other ideas behind the scenes. I will probably in the future deliver more varied content through superchARJ because I like sharing what I know and learn, but that content will either be free or in return for a charitable donation. No profit for me here — I will continue to make my money from photography.

I like podcasts. Will you do one of those?

Here at superchARJ, no, almost definitely not. I do already have a podcast called The Positive Creatives where I share interesting things I learn about the creative mind and life, and how we can all navigate creative life positively. Search for it on your favourite podcast player and you’ll find it.

1996 called and it wants its email newsletter back.

You make an excellent and amusing point. And yes, it’s a little old school I agree. But I like writing. I can make time for writing. I can easily articulate myself concisely in writing. So I figure I can write a topical, interesting email each week that you might actually read and find useful. As long as you’re a wedding photographer… If you’re looking for advice on keeping your tamagotchi alive, I can’t help you there.

Why don't you want MONEY? Isn't your knowledge valuable?

My knowledge is valuable – it’s served me well in my own business and I like to share it. That’s why for some of the stuff I plan to make and do, you’ll have to donate to charity in order to get it. Or if I do something which costs me money to do (like an event for example) I’ll charge to cover the costs.

Aren't you that NineDots guy?

I was. I co-founded NineDots in 2014 and ran it until I left in a mid-pandemic crisis in late 2020 to pursue my ultimate goal of being in zero facebook groups. I’m still great friends with Andy and Rahul, but it just wasn’t what I wanted to do any more.

I'm CLEARLY MISSING THE POINT? Why bother with this if there's no return for your time or knowledge?

Four reasons.

First, I’d like to raise some money for charity. That’ll be enough of a return for me.

Second, as a result of running workshops and conferences for 6 years my world got really big, I made some great friends, and I met people who I wouldn’t meet if I’m just being my naturally reclusive, introverted self. I want my world to stay big, and to keep meeting new people.

Third, I have a genuine passion for putting people in a room together and facilitating knowledge sharing.

And last, because of the law of attraction: to get help, give help.

So how've you been?

I can’t do small talk I’m sorry.