Podcast Episodes

Episode 25


12 Minutes

Law of Attraction for Creatives - 3 powerfully simple ways to use the law of attraction to benefit your creative life and business - The Positive Creatives episode 25! Listen now for how the law of attraction can give you a stronger community and support network, enjoy your work more, and see better results.

Episode 11


12 Minutes

Why it's important not to make your art for algoriths, not to put your growth on social media as your priority, realising that most of your followers are people who won't buy your art, and how to think about what you put out into the world - "is it interesting, or is it interesting to me?".

Episode 7


18 Minutes

Impostor Syndrome in Creatives - what is it and why does it affect creatives so universally? I'll tell you what it is, why it happens, and give you some ways to overcome it or at least reduce it.

Episode 6


12 Minutes

Are you a pivoter, an opportunistic optimist or a hero? This episode is for anyone who thinks people should've done the pandemic pivot, anyone who feels like they should've pivoted but didn't, and anyone who just plain couldn't do anything else but get through the long pandemic days.

Episode 5


15 Minutes

Productivity and the Motivation Wall! I'm talking in this episode about how I think managing your momentum is key to ongoing motivation that leads to productivity, including some of the things I'm doing to really prioritise that momentum and make sure you don't hit the metaphorical wall that brings productivity in creativity to a halt!

Episode 4


13 Minutes

Free yourself from the prison of creative perfectionism! Being a perfectionist was once seen as a good thing but over the years research and experience has shown it to be quite the opposite and can hold you back from progressing with your work...

Episode 3


13 Minutes

It's the new year, so that means new year new you, right?! Wrong! Let's talk about setting goals - if you want to, if you don't want to, and how to keep yourself accountable if you do! Setting goals can be useful, but it's not vital from a creativity perspective. In this episode I'll tell you how I work with my own goals and how I think you can set your own and stick to them.

Episode Two


15 Minutes

Asking for feedback on your creative work is an interesting part of being a creative I think. A lot of the times feedback or critique can be hard to hear, but it's a lot about why and how and who you ask.

Episode 1


14 Minutes

The Dunning-Kruger effect in creativity explains a lot about why we struggle to get started with learning new creative skills, big or small. Have you ever expected to be great at something before quickly realising you're terrible at it? The Dunning-Kruger effect at work! I'll tell you how to push through it and actually see it as a positive of being tricked into starting new things that you could be great at...



2 Minutes

Introducing The Positive Creatives! Being a creative is more than just a job or a career, it's a passion - a calling - just something we have to do! Through The Positive Creatives I want to help you (and me) work through the creative process and all its quirks to live the most fulfilling creative life, and keep making whatever it is you make! New episodes every Monday morning.