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Creativity makes the world go round.

Hello there my creative friend! My name’s Adam and I’m your host here on The Positive Creatives. Welcome, I’m glad you’re here!

I love inspiring other creatives, and through this podcast I want to keep inspiring you to keep making your thing, whatever that is. I also want to encourage you to always broaden your horizons as a creative – often the best inspiration will come from outside of your niche.

For over a decade I’ve been a photographer. Six years ago I started leading workshops and conferences and passing on my knowledge and passion for photography, and it was then that I started to become fascinated and obsessed by creativity and creative life within and outside my photography bubble.

Happy listening!

To inspire and empower creative souls!

Most creative pursuits are a fairly solitary existence. The Positive Creative exists to provide resources for creatives of any genre to gather around and feel part of something inherently positive, finding constant inspiration and encouragement to fuel your ongoing creativity.

We believe that a positive mindset is the key to a long and fulfilling creative life.

The Positive Creatives is not another motivational quote production line. Motivational and spiritual quotes have their place but The Positive Creatives will take a far more practical approach to help you overcome the mental roadblocks that creatives are often faced with so you can just keep creating.

We truly believe that creativity and artistry make the world go round. If you’ve found your creative calling The Positive Creatives will help you stay on that path even when the terrain gets a little (or a lot) rocky.

You're creatively capable of anything.

Full time ‘living the dream’ creative or part time passion dreaming of a full time creative life, we’ll share the practical techniques and mindset hacks to help you stay on track or get to where you want to be.

We’ll remind you you’re capable of anything especially on the days when you feel like quitting.

We’ll help you block out the noise of the naysayers – the real life ones and the inner monologue that sometimes takes hold.

We’ll help you embrace all the stages of the creative process, even the parts where it feels like nothing is working.

We’ll help you keep that passionate hobby feeling even when things get muddied with paying clients and other external pressures.

We’re here to help you be a positive creative.

When it was alive, The Positive Creatives was in all the places...

How to be a more positive creative videos.

Some of the reels and tiktoks I made when the podcast was active. I think it starts at part 8 because before that I used to make the videos within Instagram and I don’t have those ones saved. Obviously they were the best ones 😉